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The Ox



Sign Element : Earth

Best Mate: Snake & Rooster

Worst Mate: Sheep

Years born :

1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021



Likes   Dislikes  
  • saving money

  • home-cooked food

  • the familiar

  • to be appreciated

  • sensible clothes

  • traditional festivals

  • hand-made crafts

  • sober or earthy color schemes

  • to plan ahead

  • stressful occupations or pursuits

  • fads and fashions

  • change, especially if not voluntary

  • novelties and gimmicks

  • being taken for granted

  • modern art

  • heart-to-heart-chats

  • garish colors

  • foolish or frivolous behaviour

  • washing dirty linen in public

Personality   |     Career    |    Relationship







Generally, the Ox has a quiet and steady nature and are perseverant even in the most trying circumstances; because once they have made a commitment they keep their word. This powerful creature is a born leader, dependable and with an innate ability to achieve great things. Even so, Oxen tend to be plodding and methodical -- they approach projects in a step-by-step manner and never lose sight of their goal. They are also tireless workers, sticklers for detail and they believe in either doing things right or not at all. The world may perceive Oxen as far too serious and incapable of relaxing. This is because they are less than social by nature and tend to become introverted in a group. To make things worse, they can't be bothered with what other people think; they prefer to do what makes them feel best. Behind that calm facade, though, lives an Ox who can feel hurt, lonely and unable to connect with others. Friends and family are a great source of comfort to this beast, even if they don't always understand what makes the Ox tick.  


Stubborn and dogmatic, Oxen tend to be quite headstrong people who have no concept of when to back down or pushed against their will to change their position. They then need to be left alone to regain their composure, and others are advised to keep clear during this cooling-off period. Suffice it to say that Oxen don't appreciate being pushed, especially since they think they're the good guys of the Chinese Zodiac. There is some truth to that theory, since the Ox is smart, trustworthy, caring and honourable. The Ox needs peace and quiet to work through their ideas. When they have set their mind on something it is hard for them to be convinced otherwise. Their plans and ideas are built on firm ground - they are unlikely to be swept off their feet by fascinating but unrealistic schemes - and their logical approach often pays off in the long term. 


The Oxen are not extravagant, and the thought of living off credit cards or being in debt makes them nervous - indeed, the possibility of taking a serious risk could cause them many sleepless nights. They are truthful and sincere, and the idea of wheeling and dealing in a competitive world is distasteful to they- in face, people born in the ox years are rarely driven by the prospect of financial gain. The Oxen are well liked because of their honesty and patience, and their close friends appreciate the fact that they are rather introverted and wary of new trends, although every now and then they can be encouraged to try something new. When they are secure in their environment they are sociable and relaxed, but occasionally a dark cloud looms over them and they take on the worries of the world, mulling over the problems they see and trying to find solutions.


If anyone needs honest, steady and unbiased advice, call the Ox. A good lesson for the mighty Oxen would be to try to overcome a judgmental nature that keeps them from getting close to others. If they can learn to value their own positive qualities, they'll have more room in their hearts for others.

The most compatible match for an Ox is the Snake or Rooster.




At work, if the Ox feels that projects are being finalized or decisions made with insufficient attention to detail, it will not be long before they express their concern. The Ox approaches work seriously and as long as they are not forced into the public eye they are able to think clearly and plan meticulously. Their reactions may be a little on the slow side, but they are a skilled organizer and logical thinker, and as the years pas their determination is likely to be rewarded.


The Oxen are able to accept authority and are comfortable in a working environment as long as they know that the business is established on firm foundations. They prefer to know their schedule or timetable and although they can rise to challenges and, to some extent, deal with the unpredictable, the Oxen would rather be well informed and work within a fixed framework.


Best careers path for the Oxen are farming, gardening, estate management, medicine or religion. They would also make a good philosopher, teacher, chef or member of the police force.




The Ox are gently and open with the right partner, and will thrive on strong love and support. But in the search for a compatible relationship they have to tread cautiously since they are easily hurt.


Not driven by romance, they have to be persuaded to accept invitations, to experiment with their appearance and to be more adventurous in general.


Their ideal partner is truthful and gentle but knows how to cajole and tease you. Although there may be times when they misinterpret light-hearted remarks or fail to see the humour in a situation, with a little encouragement and reassurance they will find that they are able to throw off their worries and they can begin to enjoy yourself. their ideal partner also has the enthusiasm to introduce they to new interests but at the same time will not take risks that threaten their security. They can tolerate weaknesses in their partner, and when there are emotional upheavals they will consider whether the blame lies with you; However, they do find it hard to forgive if they have been deceived.


 Famous Oxen

Johann Sebastian Bach, Warren Beatty, Jon Bon Jovi, Jeff Bridges, King Carlos of Spain, Barbara Cartland, Charlie Chaplin, Natalie Cole, Bill Cosby, Tom Courtenay, Tony curtis, Walt Disney, Patrick Duffy, Jane Fonda, Gerald Ford, Edward Fox, Michael J. Fox, Peter Gabriel, Richard Gere, Whoopi Goldberg, Mariel Hemingway, Robert Hardy, Nigel Havers, Dustin Hoffman, Anthony Hopkins, Billy Joel, Don Johnson, B.B. King, Mark Lemmon, Alison Moyet, Eddie Murphy, Napoleon, Paul Newman, Jack Nicholson, Robert Redford, Sissy Spacek, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Steiger, Meryl Streep, Elaine Stritch, Loretta Swit, Mary Tyler Moore, Lady Thatcher, Twiggy, Dick Van Dyke, the Princess of Wales, Zoe Wanamaker, Barbara Windsor.

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