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The Monkey



Sign Element : Metal

Best Mate: Rat  & Dragon

Worst Mate: Tiger

Years born :

1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028



Likes   Dislikes  
  • a challenge

  • to listen to other's problems and worries

  • to care for people

  • casting horoscopes

  • alternative belief systems

  • to travel

  • practical jokes

  • decorating their house

  • reading tarot cards

  • visiting friends

  • ethnic art

  • games of chance

  • nightclubs

  • routine

  • pubs and alcohol

  • established religions

  • being manipulated

  • depending on others

  • doing without money

  • purely physical work

  • the achievements of others

  • conventional people

  • compromising their independence

Personality   |     Career    |    Relationship






Most people born in the Year of the Monkey have an excellent memory, and when others are fishing around for names or numbers they usually come up with the right answer. There is something in their openness and willingness to help people that allow them to forgive the more shrewd side of their character. They can be friendly and very alluring, which makes they a welcome addition to a party, but there is also a deeper, more tender side to their nature which is moved when they see someone in trouble. 

The Monkey is most definitely a big party animal. Charming and energetic, Monkeys crave fun and activity. They have natural intelligence, which enables they to watch what is happening, and then act accordingly. Even in conversation they are aware of what is going on around they, particularly if it affects they; they then make a mental note of what is said and done and store it away for future reference. They are lively company and a good listener, so others often share their sorrows or their good news. A secret is safe in their hands, and they are honest in their dealings. They like variety in their life and enjoy the company of others; most monkey people usually have an active social life. One of their strengths is they ability to adapt and respond to different situations, and when they are asked for advice it is well thought out.  

Although they are generally trustworthy and unlikely to hurt someone out of spite, they do not let people escape if they behaved badly or damaged their reputation; indeed, it would be unwise for someone to cross they too many times. They have a wily nature and bide their time knowing that a good opportunity will come their way. their determination to achieve what they want can make they appear vain or manipulative, so be careful that this does not damage their friendships. Sometimes it is wiser not to pursue their goal and simply let things pass. 

Monkeys can often be seen moving from one group of friends to another, attracting a motley crew in the process. Forever upbeat, they are considered minor celebrities in their circle, thanks to their effervescent wit and quick mind. They are also very good listeners and cope with complicated situations with ease. The natural curiosity which Monkeys possess leads them to become knowledgeable on a broad range of topics. The exhibitionist in them loves nothing more than to impress their friends with all they know.

The opposite side of all this is that rebellious Monkeys don't always have a firm grasp on right and wrong. Their own happiness is their main goal, whatever the consequence. This approach will work some of the time, thanks to the Monkey's glib manner and witty repartee. It's not likely that everyone will be won over by the Monkey -- but the Monkey does not really care. Be it the idle gossip or brazen infidelity, often common to them, the Monkey's world isn't for everyone. However, Monkeys aren't all bad. They may just be a bit too curious for their own good, feeling a deep need to try everything once. This can make for very thrilling relationships.

The sense of fun which is second-nature to Monkeys can get them in all kinds of trouble. The self-indulgent Monkey has limited self-control where food, alcohol and other pleasurable activities are concerned. It's always party time for the Monkey, yet when it leads to a major hangover or a broken heart (someone else's, not theirs), they might actually show a touch of remorse. They won't admit the error of their ways, but they won't try to make their situation any better either.

Monkeys would be well-served to occasionally think of others before themselves. If they realized that the world doesn't revolve around them, their lives would be more complete. Go for it, they big Monkey!

The most compatible match for a Monkey is the Rat or Dragon.



Monkey's versatility and quick reactions make them suitable for a wide variety of jobs. Those born in the Year of the Monkey are intelligent, usually well read and often intellectual, and once they set themselves a target they rarely fail to achieve it.


There are certain skills that they can acquire easily and these are the ones to concentrate on; they should know their limits and not gamble or speculate. In fact, most monkey people are good at assessing risks and have a keen sense of financial situations.


They rise to new challenges and hammer away at a problem until they find a solution. Even when a situation looks disheartening they explore all possible avenues until they find a promising opening. their good organizational skills, combined with an astute and creative approach, are suited to work which involves investigation and speedy responses.

They are suited to a career in media finance, management, the police or public relations. They would also be a good designer, skilled manual worker, surveyor or planner.



They are attracted by romance and its excitement, and they probably have a lively love life. Partners are drawn by their openness, good humor and their interest in the world around they.

They know how to put people at ease and even the shyest person could soon be caught up in their enthusiasm for a new scheme. The difficulty lies in making a commitment, but when they finally settle down they rarely stray.

When they begin a relationship they can occasionally be unpredictable or childish; their partner may make a small mistake and they take it as an insult, or they suddenly have a mood swing for no apparent reason. It will not take long for the right partner to calm this nervousness and insecurity. Once the relationship is established they prove to be a supportive, adaptable and dependable partner. their capacity to be charming and their energy and cheerfulness also enable they to create firm friendships. Even when a relationship is over they will probably still be there if former partners need they in times of trouble.




 Famous Monkeys


Francesca Annis, Michael Aspel, Jaqueline Bisset, Julius Caesar, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Johnny Cash, Joe Cocker, Joan Crawford, Timothy Dalton, Bette Davis, Bo Derek, Jason Donovan, Michael Douglas, Mia Farrow, Carrie Fisher, Fiona Fullerton, Jerry Hall, Tom Hanks, Nigel Kennedy, Gladys Knight, Walter Matthau, Princess Michael of Kent, Kylie Minogue, Peter O'Toole, Robert Powell, Debbie Reynolds, Little Richard, Diana Ross, Boz Scaggs, Tom Sellek, Omar Sharif, Wilbur Smith, Koo Stark, Rod Stewart, Jacques Tati, Elizabeth Taylor, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Leonardo da Vinci.

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